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Hero image showcasing The Weather Network TV app interface with interactive features and intuitive UX/UI design.
The Weather Network
UX / UI Desinger

Reimagining the weather experience

This is an NDA project. The design process can't unfortunately be shared.

As a user experience and user interface designer at The Weather Network, I play a key role in reimagining the weather experience for the Canadian audience. By combining Pelmorex's cutting-edge forecasting technology with captivating original video content, our TV app delivers an immersive and customizable weather forecast experience. My focus is on creating an accessible and intuitive interface that engages users and provides them with the information they need. With our help, the users can step into a world of engaging weather content and personalized forecasts tailored to your preferences.

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Creating a interactive and customizable weather experience

Through our project solutions, we have transformed The Weather Network TV app to enhance user experience. The introduction of a user-friendly Homepage ensures easy access to captivating video content and streamlined navigation. Users can effortlessly explore weather forecasts, manage preferences, and access additional menu options. This unique weather TV app experience not only provides accurate forecasts but also expands horizons with engaging video content.


Creating a seamless user experience across Android and Xfinity platforms was crucial for the TV app's success on multiple devices.

Designing for dynamic weather information, customizable locations, daily changing video content, and multilingual interface posed unique challenges. The design needed to be adaptive, ensuring a clear and organic look for any text length.


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